Livaat FAQ

1- What is Livaat?

Livaat is live event digital streaming application, bridging between event creators and their audience, giving the creators the opportunity to monetize their events and live performances on virtual stage, enabling the viewers to watch their favorite events, music, arts, concerts, ceremonies, sports, and any special live shows through event pass or ticket.

2- How to use Livaat?

You may download Livaat from Apple Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery on your mobile, then register and experience Livaat events instantly.

3- How to register with Livaat?

You can register with Livaat as a viewer (normal user) using your mobile phone number through Livaat app, or as event creator (professional user) through website.

4- How can a user create an event on Livaat?

By the following steps: 


5- How do users pay on Livaat?

Through our Livaat online e-payment Gate Way, users can use their credit/debit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD), or via their PayPal accounts, as Livaat accepts these payment options, and we are integrating with more payment gateways all over the world.

6- How do viewers watch the event?

Using the application downloaded from Apple store, Google Play store or Huawei AppGallery, after login, just by clicking on your wallet and credit your balance with any package you choose, buy events you wish, or view directly in case of FREE event.

7- How much does the event on Livaat cost?

Some events might be FREE, some private with voucher link created and sent by event creator, while the events with ticket pass depending on each event varies from 2USD to 20USD or even more according to creator pricing.

8- What type of events the creator can stream on Livaat?

Livaat is not restricting any live show under the following hereunder categories or available on website, while the event creator commits and vows liability, and full responsibility for streamed content intellectual property, copyrights, legal, authorization, and as per Livaat terms and conditions and according to the event creator agreement.

9- What are the technical requirements at the event creator side to be able to upload the stream on Livaat?

The event creator has four options:

  1. Internal or built-in PC/Laptop web camera, or external web camera with USB connection, Laptop/PC, active internet connection (minimum 3 Mbps speed), streaming software.
  2. Professional Camera, AV mixer, HDMI connection, ingest card to Laptop/PC PCI slot or USB, active internet connection (minimum 3 Mbps speed), streaming software.
  3. Professional Camera, HDMI/SDI connection, standalone Encoder with GUI, directly ingest to internet connection (minimum 3 Mbps speed), using the RTMP link and key generated in Livaat.
  4. The event creator uses any of capturing components identified in any of the above options, with the use of Livaat streaming tool.

10- How does the event creator collect the tickets revenue?

Ticket revenues are collected through Livaat e-payment gateway, and distributed by accounting system between Livaat account and event creator account according to the agreed revenue share. The transfer of event creator account balance to the related banking account is according to the terms and conditions of agreement within the agreed time period.

11- What is the event creator revenue share percentage of the ticket sales?

The revenue share percentage depends on the agreement between Livaat and event creator, and subject to the volume of viewers and ticket sales.

12- What is the impact on event creator in case of changes on a created event? Any kind of change, date/time, duration, ticket price, paid or free, etc.

The event creator shall send a notification of change to Livaat support team, and wait for confirmation of acceptance in case no confirmed ticket sales happened on the event; otherwise in case there are ticket sales, the changes are considered not accepted, the support team will forward the case with a technical report to be reviewed by Livaat commercial and legal specialists at least 72 hours prior the event time; according to the legal and commercial evaluation on such case, the event creator will receive the decision with full details about liabilities and actions to be done.

13- Is re-scheduling of a created event acceptable in Emergency situation?

The emergency situation has to be confirmed from Livaat Management, if confirmed, the event creator can do re-schedule the event with no effect on the event content, program, ticket price or duration, then all interested viewers who bought the event shall be notified with this re-scheduling change, given the option to cancel their transaction and refund the ticket pass price to their wallet balance, or acknowledge the re-scheduling and confirm their transaction.  

14- What happened in case the event cancelled whether from Livaat side or event creator side?

If the event is cancelled for any reason:

  1. In case of ticket sales: all transactions shall be refunded to all viewers accounts/ wallets, within a refund procedure that has to be approved by the management, then event cancellation procedures will follow and be implemented.
  2. In case of no ticket sales: a cancellation procedure will be initiated and implemented.

15- What shall the event creator do in case having connection problem with internet, that affected the event streaming?

The connection with the internet at the event creator side is his/her own responsibility, the event creator shall bear full responsibility about connection speed, quality and availability during event time.